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Our commitments

Because we consider people and the environment to be integral parts of the company’s development, we have set ourselves concrete goals to protect them. From stringently selected ingredients to our support for sustainable projects, we are taking action everyday.


Guaranteeing healthy, ISO22000 – certified products to our consumers.


Reducing the use of water and energy with certification.


Preserving biodiversity and developing a reforestation project since 2011.

Reducing waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.



Increasing the proportion of 100% RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil in our purchasing.
Eliminating artificial colours, flavours and hydrogenated fat.
Sourcing eggs from cage-free hens.
Promoting certified organic farming.

Health and Safety

Pursuing a committed employee policy.

Reinforcing the health & safety culture to protect employees: CARE project.


Taking action to align our strategy and operations with the universal principles of human rights on labour, the environment and anti-corruption laid out in the UN Global Compact’s ten principles.

Our heritage is our legacy